The company took part in a training project called QIPME, developed under type 3.1.1 of the POPH (Human Potential Operational Programme), through which it acquired a range of management skills focused on modernisation and business qualification procedures. This has allowed us to define a strategic development plan, responding to the weaknesses identified during the diagnostic process.
As a result of participating in QIPME, the company recognised the need to deeply restructure its management system and acquired an integrated PRIMAVERA system, which covers the different company’s different organisation areas.

Social Conscience

The main motivation underlying socially responsibility measures at Transportes Rápido is increasing our workers’ satisfaction and improving the company’s image.

Work practices

Transportes Rápido encourages a good atmosphere at work with short get-togethers, and coffee breaks during the day are shared by all to encourage staff to socialise.
Our staff receive a small hamper from the company each year at Christmas.

All Health and Safety at work measures are fully formalised and integrated into our company’s practices

Operational practices

Transportes Rápido aims to be the ideal company to respond to the most varied and innovative challenges. It is aided in this task by several tools in the Quality Management and Food Safety systems, and the system for dealing with complaints and customer satisfaction surveys is a priority for us.

We encourage involvement in the community/local development in several ways, and contribute each year to the events organised by the local community in the surrounding area.


Transportes Rápido manages its waste and tries to minimise its use of natural resources.