Transport, Logistics and Storage

Refrigerated and frozen transport.

Portuguese market

Storage and deliveries all over Portugal for perishable products, guaranteeing the safety of your food products.

International market

Deliveries can be made to Europe, focusing on the markets with most demand: Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom and Italy.

Transporte sob temperatura controlada

We have the right equipment, and our service stands out for the quality and excellence of our long and short distance transport all over Europe, using controlled, recorded temperatures between -30ºC and +25ºC.

Tipos de cargas: completas, fracionadas e grupagem

We always seek the best solution for your company, allowing resources and costs to be optimised, using full loads, part loads and groupage to provide a service that fits your needs.

Logistics and Storage

Complete transport and logistics solutions for refrigerated and frozen products, focusing on the food sector, applying the know-how of more than 30 years’ experience in the demanding Portuguese and international markets every day…


  • Frozen products
  • Refrigerated products
  • Ambient temperature products


  • Transport and deliveries
  • Repalleting
  • Preparing and processing products
  •  Managing the flow of information


  • Transport to point of sale
  • Coverage all over Europe
  • Full loads
  • Part loads
  • Groupage